hosted by Evan Makovsky

Corporate Communications is one of the critical factors that determine whether companies thrive or fail.

Evan, interviews top Communication & Marketing Executives to uncover their strategies for effective corporate communication in a digitally connected world.

These micro-episodes are packed full of insightfulness from these thought leaders navigating truly unprecedented times in business and global affairs.

Seth Rachlin, EVP Global Insurance Industry Leader Capgemini

Seth Rachlin, EVP & Global Insurance Industry Leader, and former Capgemini Chief Innovation Officer, who manages Capgemini’s relationships with both the Insurance and technology industries, along with interfacing with public, joins the MAKcast & discusses the changes the insurance industry has undergone due to Covid, what those changes are, how business intersects with technology, the biggest threats still out there facing companies and individuals, the role of communications has played in the process, and the point of where the public wants ai/technology from insurance companies, versus still seeking human interaction, and more. Along with blogging and writing, Rachlin teaches Public Policy part-time at the University of Chicago.

Lauren Rocklin, SVP of marketing of The Parking Spot Joins Makcast

Lauren Rocklin, SVP of Marketing of The Parking Spot discusses her role heading marketing and communications, how the The Parking Spot which has airport based lots was affected internally and externally by the pandemic. Lauren also talks about how they launched multiple marketing initiatives in wake of the Pandemic, using their parking lots at the airport for other uses, such as Covid testing, and more. She also talks about how she became interested in marketing and communications, and what appeals to her about the travel industry.

CMO & CCO Stephanie Moritz Of American Dental Association on Makcast

CMO & CCO Stephanie Moritz of the American Dental Association discusses how the ADA interacts with Dentists, Covid protocols, webinars the ADA has put on, and is one of the founders of and organization focused on connecting and supporting women leaders.

Southwest Airlines SVP & CCO Linda Rutherford On Makcast with Evan Makovsky

Southwest Airlines Senior Vice President and Chief Communications officer joins Makcast to discuss the last year navigating the pandemic and communicating on behalf of Southwest Airlines. Linda expounds on the protocols put out last April of ’20 that included blocking middle seats until Dec 1. She also looks ahead at the travel future of the airline industry. Linda also reflects on her 29 years with Southwest Airlines, and the rise of the airline, and how she transitioned from journalism to public relations.


Cerner’s Chief Communications Officer Joe Mandacina joins Makcast to discuss what his work entails at Cerner, how it’s changed during Covid, Cerner’s work with the CDC, and the vaccine platform they are rolling out. Joe also gets into how working in health communications differs from Sprint, where he previously worked. He also sheds light on how the communications team at Cerner is setup, and what led him to be a communications professional.


Carnival Cruise Line Chief Communications Officer Chris Chiames joins the Makcast to discuss how the company has managed since pausing cruising operations March 13, 2020. He also details how his job has required him to clearly consistently communicate with customers, stakeholders, the media, and the general public. He also delves into new safety protocols when cruising resumes, and when he thinks that might be. Chris also has a diverse background as a communications professional and he explains what he likes about the cruise industry in particular.

Chris Stenrud Teladoc Health On Makcast

Chris Stenrud, Head of Communications at Teladoc Health, joins the Makcast to discuss his communications job duties at Teladoc around their recent merger with Livongo, how the health industry is highly regulated, and how communications have to adhere to those regulations, and how he became a communicator starting with his days in politics.

Makcast With Richard Rodgers, Global Director of Digital Marketing, Agilent Technologies

Richard Rodgers, Global Digital Marketing Director for Agilent Technologies discusses his role at Agilent Technologies, omni-channel marketing and the various avenues he uses, his path to becoming a marketer, and how he felt he was prepared for the changes that Covid has brought to his job.

Andrew Rigie – NYC Hospitality Alliance On Makcast

Andrew Rigie, Executive Director of NYC Hospitality Alliance, on indoor dining returning to the city at 25% capacity September 30th, but now it may be going away again in parts of Brooklyn and Queens due to an uptick of the covid infection rate in certain areas.

Gordon Pennoyer, Chesapeake Energy, on Makcast

Gordon Pennoyer, Head of Corporate Communications at Chesapeake Energy, discusses his career path, Chesapeake Energy filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June, his role managing the reorganization, and the future of the industry, and Chesapeake Energy.

Larry Steinberg, Partner, Financial Architects on the Makcast with Evan Makovsky

Larry Steinberg, Partner, Financial Architects, and Makovsky Integrated Communications client joins the Makcast and dishes some financial advice during for folks managing during the pandemic. From tax mitigation to buying and selling real estate during this time, Larry gives his suggestions, and observations on why managing money is a challenge for so many people. He also tells Evan how he became a partner in Financial architects, and how he became involved in this line of work.

Brett Ludwig, Head of Global Communications W.L. Gore & Associates Makcast With Evan Makovsky

In this Makcast Brett Ludwig, Head of Global Communications at W.L Gore & Associates, discusses his responsibilities managing communications for the company. Brett details how Covid has affected and changed his job. He also describes how this pandemic stacks up as a career challenge for him and the company. In addition, he unearths some of the communications similarities and differences across many of the verticals he’s worked in his career ranging from insurance, to healthcare, to consumer.

Makcast Episode 1

Interview with CEO and President Ken Makovsky about handling the challenges of the pandemic while running a company.