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NEW YORK, April 7, 2021 — Makovsky, one of the world’s leading independent integrated communications firms, announced today that industry leader and healthcare communications specialist, Catherine Fink, has joined the agency as President. Cathy’s hiring comes as Makovsky celebrates the conclusion of 40 years in business, during which time it has represented over 1,000 clients and won nearly 300 awards working in industries ranging from healthcare to energy and tech to financial and professional services.

An early innovator in healthcare communications with corporate experience in areas such as sustainability and DE&I, Cathy will drive the firm’s evolution while building on its legacy as a sophisticated and trusted counselor with deep multi-sector expertise. Founder, Ken Makovsky is concurrently stepping into the role of Chairman and CEO, where he will focus on the firm’s business development efforts and advise on key client relations.

“I’m excited to be returning to an independent, growth-minded firm at a time when having the freedom and ability to adapt to meet client needs is more crucial than ever,” said Cathy Fink, President at Makovsky. “ Makovsky has a stellar legacy of providing knowledgeable, senior-level counsel to clients navigating complex and constantly shifting communications ecosystems. I look forward to expanding our offerings as we continue to provide that same high level of customized service in the years ahead, especially as the lines between advertising, PR and marketing continue to blur.”

“Cathy is a dynamic leader with global cross-functional expertise, and her experiences as an entrepreneur as well as in the big agency world make her an ideal partner for all practice areas here at Makovsky. We are delighted to have her on board as we explore the grey areas in today’s communications world, and we are invigorated by the prospect of what lies ahead for the firm and our clients,” said Makovsky Founder, Chairman and CEO Ken Makovsky. “She moves easily from patient advocacy in healthcare to multi-sector corporate reputation situations, and is a trusted counselor to C-Suite executives across the healthcare, marketing and communications industries.”

An accomplished marketing and communications executive, Cathy is a firm believer that communications rooted in pragmatism, simplicity and cultural sensitivity can catalyze sustainable change in systems across business sectors. Her pioneering vision for what is now known as the “consumerization of health” was the driving force behind the creation of The Eden Communications Group, the patient education company she co-founded in 1991 and later sold to Omnicom. Her extensive healthcare experience and service-centric approach to management is a natural fit for Makovsky, which prioritizes an industry-first approach, deep specialization, and engaged senior counsel.

Most recently, Cathy was an Executive Vice President  with the global public relations firm Porter Novelli Inc., where she oversaw the agency’s portfolio of work for Johnson & Johnson and Boehringer Ingelheim. Her experience working at the intersection of healthcare and technology includes the recent launch of one of the world’s largest direct-to-consumer virtual clinical trials in a partnership with Apple and J&J. She has previously worked as a consultant, with clients that included private foundations, non-profit organizations, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare marketing agencies, allied healthcare providers, and emerging provider organizations.

About Makovsky

Makovsky is one of the world’s leading and oldest independent integrated communications firms. Makovsky has been recognized as “Agency of the Year” and Founder Ken Makovsky “PR Professional of the Year” and “Blogger of the Year” multiple times by industry organizations. Originally founded in 1980, the firm has long been an independent-minded mainstay of New York’s public relations world, reliably informing consumers, investors, policymakers and other stakeholders for over four decades. It is recognized for its deep specialization in health, financial and professional services, technology and energy.

Clients have ranged from seed-level startups and publicly-traded multinational corporations to nonprofits and Fortune 500 blue-chip names. Ken Makovsky also founded IPREX, a global partnership of independent public relations firms in 30 countries and 40 cities in the U.S.

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“Help us tell our story as a critical player
in the cybersecurity of the world’s medical devices.”
Want to know how we “bridged the gap” with the medical community and regulators to explain MedSec’s critical role in leading medical device cybersecurity?

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“Help us solidify our reputation and
value proposition ahead of our IPO.”
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“Help us amplify our voice and lead our industry against retaliatory tariffs and practices.”
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Want to see how our team developed a film series to create a lens into COPD and built support for patients who are fighting everyday?

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“Help us educate oncologists about a rare cancer and our innovative Theragnostics treatment.”
Want to know how our campaign helped AAA garner FDA approval and move towards an acquisition by Novartis?

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Want to know how we generated over 1 billion media impressions and cultivated 25 patient advocacy organizations?

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Want to know how we helped accelerate law firm Bracewell’s revenue and geographic expansion?

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Want to know how we reached out to the landfill industry ecosystem and helped accelerate the adoption of Fortistar’s approach?

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“Help us develop a public relations platform
to raise our profile within and advocate for the energy storage industry.”
Want to know how we used strategic media relations to build ESA as a thought-leader and to bolster record numbers of attendance at its annual conference?

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“Help us re-imagine our 150-year old brand from a products to a solutions company.”
Want to know how we re-branded the company and helped Hubbell achieve the #1 media share of voice three years in a row?

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“Help us demonstrate the premium value
and quality difference of our LED lighting products.”
Want to know how we helped this emerging company go from zero to $150m in revenue in four years?

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